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The early history of Siberia was greatly influenced by the sophisticated nomadic civilizations of the Scythians on the west of the Ural Mountains and Xiongnu on the east of the Urals, both flourishing before the Christian steppes of Siberia were occupied by a succession of nomadic peoples, including the Khitan people, [citation needed] various Turkic peoples, and the Mongol Empire.

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They called them oin irged “people of the forest”. Many of them, such as the Barga and Uriankhai , were little different from the Mongols. While the tribes around Lake Baikal were Mongol-speaking, those to the west spoke Turkic , Samoyedic , or Yeniseian languages. The Great Khans favored gyrfalcons , furs, women and Kyrgyz horses for tribute. Western Siberia came under the Golden Horde.

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Chukchi , one of many indigenous peoples of Siberia Siberia was inhabited by different groups of nomads such as the Enets , the Nenets , the Huns , the Scythians and the Uyghurs. The Khan of Sibir[ citation needed ] in the vicinity of modern Tobolsk was known as a prominent figure who endorsed Kubrat as Khagan of Old Great Bulgaria in The Mongols conquered a large part of this area early in the 13th century. The map of the Siberian route in the 18th century green and the early 19th century red.

With the breakup of the Golden Horde , the autonomous Khanate of Sibir was established in the late 15th century. Turkic-speaking Yakut migrated north from the Lake Baikal region under pressure from the Mongol tribes during the 13th to 15th century. First, groups of traders and Cossacks began to enter the area. The Russian Army was directed to establish forts farther and farther east to protect new settlers from European Russia. Towns such as Mangazeya , Tara , Yeniseysk and Tobolsk were developed, the last being declared the capital of Siberia.

At this time, Sibir was the name of a fortress at Qashlik, near Tobolsk. Gerardus Mercator , in a map published in , marks Sibier both as the name of a settlement and of the surrounding territory along a left tributary of the Ob. Some suggest that the term “Siberia” is a Russification of their ethnonym. By the mid th century, Russia had established areas of control that extended to the Pacific.

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History of Siberia

Chukchi , one of many indigenous peoples of Siberia. Representation of a Chukchi family by Louis Choris Siberia was inhabited by different groups of nomads such as the Enets , the Nenets , the Huns , the Scythians and the Uyghurs. The Mongols conquered a large part of this area early in the 13th century. With the breakup of the Golden Horde , the autonomous Khanate of Sibir was established in the late 15th century.

Turkic-speaking Yakut migrated north from the Lake Baikal region under pressure from the Mongol tribes during the 13th to 15th century. First, groups of traders and Cossacks began to enter the area.

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The story of its appearance takes its origin from the first half of the nineteenth century and is connected with the name of Peter Frolov, the famous scientist and inventor, chief of Kolyvan-Resurrection factories in Altai, collected a unique art collection that contains paintings of many famous Russian and Western European artists, including Rembrandt. These works laid the foundation for the assembly of the art department of the Altai regional museum, created by Frolov P.

Later, in on the initiative of the masters of the Altai art society and personal assistance of people’s commissar Lunacharsky A. The museum’s collection included works by famous artists, the works of the masters of Russian academic painting, of the Flemish school. But by the mid s, the museum, devoid of state financing, was closed and its collection melted. Founding in of the State Art Museum was actively promoted by the development of virgin lands.

In the formation of its collection was attended by the country’s central museums – the Hermitage, the Russian Museum, the Tretyakov Gallery, as well as the local history museums. There is also a small section of the ancient and Western European art. The largest is a collection of professional artists of Altai. Museum – is one of the leaders of the Siberian region in the development of new information technologies.

The house under the spire The house under the spire on the October square – is officially recognized as a symbol of Barnaul, a historical monument of the city. The building is in the style of Soviet Neo-Classicism and was built in

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