Overview of Scuba Diving in Turkey A country of great cultural heritage and a popular holiday destination for the European market, Turkey also makes for an attractive dive destination. Turkey dive sites offer a vast variety of wrecks, reefs, caves, and walls. With remains of broken pottery on many dive sites and ancient shipwrecks dotted all along the Turkish coast, diving in Turkey gives divers a glimpse of the long history of the country. Over shipwrecks have been mapped in the Turkish waters; the oldest dating back to the 14th century B. A concentration of wreck dives in Turkey can be found at Gallipoli, where the remains of ships that sunk during the battles of the Gallipoli Campaign now attract many divers from all over the world. Their attempt failed, due to unexpected Turkish resistance and they withdrew nearly a year later, leaving behind several hundreds of shipwrecks, including war ships, landing crafts, and supply ships. But diving in Turkey offers more than an abundance of good wreck dives.

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Michigan’s beautiful Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore is home to wrecks dating back to the s. About 40 feet When to Go: June to October Dive Shop: There are no dive operators guiding in Sleeping Bear, but Scuba North in Traverse City is the closest dive center, and it provides rental tanks and gear. Declared the Manitou Passage Underwater Preserve — the sister component of the National Lakeshore — the combination of clear water and easily accessible wrecks is a diver magnet; the park even distributes its Beachcombing for Shipwrecks brochure, attesting to the periodic emergence of artifacts due to storms and shifting sands.

Most locations offer opportunities for both new and more-experienced divers, with wrecks running the gamut from shallow and partially above water to deep and technical. Frost, a foot wooden steamer that ran aground in ; and the foot wooden steamer Congress, which caught fire at South and sank in feet of water. Considering 6, ships and 30, lives are estimated to have been lost throughout the region, the Graveyard of the Great Lakes nickname certainly holds true at Sleeping Bear.

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From diving with sea turtles, learning about lionfish hunting to navigating through shipwrecks, there are some truly incredible experiences on the coral island of Barbados for beginner and advanced divers alike. Barbados is the eastern most island in the Caribbean and is one of the few non-volcanic islands in the area. Known as a “coral island” it was formed by upward moving coral instead of volcanic lava flow like many of its neighbours. Temperatures stay close to about 80 degrees F and it is outside the hurricane belt making it an ideal scuba diving destination year-round.

The one and only site providing dive trips to primarily single and married but buddyless scubadivers. Group trips with no single supplements.

But with 70 percent of the globe consisting of water, and thousands of scuba destinations around the world, even the pickiest travelers will have trouble narrowing it down. So put aside your nautical maps and read on, because we’ve assembled an expert panel of underwater adventurers to identify the 10 best scuba spots in the world.

The nature of the dive site’s waters are what the panel took into consideration when choosing the top While accommodations are important, for the serious diver, where you spend your time on land is hardly a factor in picking a site. There are certain base conditions that will guarantee a great dive site. Whether you’re looking for dark caverns far below like the Blue Hole in Belize , the sunken ships of Coron Island in the Philippines, the shallow reefs of Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean, filled with colorful fish, or the mysteries lurking in the murky waters of Dinah’s Beach, Papua New Guinea, somewhere there is a wet wonderland ideal for you.

It was pretty much the consensus among our panelists that Palau, a group of over islands in the western reaches of the Pacific Ocean is one of the best destinations for diving right now. It takes longer to get there, but you’ll see stuff that you weren’t expecting to see,” he says. Many divers consider marine life variety and accessibility to be the determining factors in naming their top dive destination. Cocos Island, Costa Rica , and Bali, Indonesia , are great dives if you’re most interested in catching a glimpse of nature in action under the waves.

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WATER WATER EVERYWHERELet’s get together to share underwater experiences in South Florida, the Florida Keys, and the islands of the Caribbean (and dive sites worldwide) to share dive stories (some true, some false, most embellished) with friends du.

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Besides its amazing marine life, the island is also well known for its archeological history. Some of the marine life found at the island include turtles, dolphins, stingrays, manta rays, moray eels, barracudas, tuna, snapper, sharks, whales at certain times of the year , and much more. According to the Park System, The archaeological trails at the Island are currently closed to the public. We offer scuba diving tours at the following sites: This area consists of a series of intricate rock and coral formations that contain many caves.

The site takes its name from an enormous cave that is home to many white tip reef sharks, some of which are up to 11 ft.

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There are small caverns. The main one can be penetrated for about 10 ft entrance at 23 feet. There is a lot of marine wildlife here and a chance you might even see an aligator! When spring flow is high, the pool is clean and clear, but when flow is low, murky lake water may cloud the pool. Advanced level cave diving bring your light! An air bell at 30′ adds interest and a million candlepower underwater light system adds to the safety. Remember that Manatees are protected animals you should not be less than 50 feet from them.

To enter the spring, go N past the concession area, you will find steps. The cave is located at… Crystal River – King’s Spring Central Florida Springs – Ocala, USA Many people come here to dive and snorkel because of the large manatee population that migrate up into the warm natural spring fed waters that remain a constant 72 degrees all year round. The sink is about 18 meters in diameter with the water level about 15 meters from the top of the sink. It can be very difficult to enter into the water steep sides.

The remains of many extinct animals from the Pleistocene Age 2 million – 10, years ago were discovered at Devil’s Den, including the bones of early man, dating back… Ginnie Springs Central Florida Springs – Ocala, USA This is a full service facility with something for everyone. Ginnie Spring has a wonderful cavern and is open to open water divers. There are a number of other dives at this with limited open water area and then a lot of cave.

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Basic open water diver. Sloped rock and silt. Weather conditions and unexpected weather changes should be a constant consideration. Mild currents may be present. Recreational and commercial boat traffic. The bow faces upriver.

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Diving at this location means stunning visibility in summer season and devil rays, groupers, snappers, huge stingrays, moray eels, invertebrates, crustaceans and schools of fishes. Baixa do Ambrosio, located only a couple of miles from the coast of Santa Maria, belongs to a marine-reserve area and is a must-dive location for encounters with devil rays and, for the more experienced divers, large schools of barracuda and amberjacks.

Groups of devil rays 20 to 30 strong are quite common; they swim in circular directions, coming close to underwater photographers, and are not afraid of bubbles or the lights of the underwater strobes. The sandy bottom is dotted with wrecks dating back to both world wars and beyond. The diving here is excellent, meeting the expectations of both recreational and technical divers who want to explore.

The wreck of the B Liberator bomber Tulsamerican lies at feet, not far from the wreck of a B G Flying Fortress, which is at feet. Both are in very good condition and bursting with life — clouds of anthias whirl among the structures, which are covered by encrusting and yellow sponges. Heavily damaged during their final battles, both airplanes were attempting an emergency landing on the small landing strip built on the island of Vis.

It was the last chance for many U. In January, herrings migrate into the fjords, attracting many marine predators, such as humpback whales, fin whales and especially orcas. These killer whales hunt this fish by creating baitballs. Immersing yourself in the middle of the fjord to witness this behavior allows you to approach the orcas very closely, a sensational experience accentuated by a special atmosphere with the snowy landscapes that line the fjords.

You will need to equip yourself to enjoy the moment — a drysuit for diving and warm clothes to go outside to watch the dance of aurora borealis at nightfall. But the result is mystical: