At one point in the film, Jones’ nemesis pats the Ark and turns to Indiana saying, “You and I are just passing through history. Just walking through the narrow streets and alleys, never mind the shrines holy to three faiths, one is immersed in history. The Old City covers roughly acres one square kilometer. The surrounding walls date to the rule of the Ottoman Sultan, Suleiman the Magnificent Work began on them in and was not completed until Israel Fact Jews aren’t worried about the Golden Gate being closed. As one tour guide put it, “If the Messiah came this far, he’d find a way in. It is only visible from outside the city. According to Jewish tradition, when the Messiah comes, he will enter Jerusalem through this gate.

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Print shares A partial view of the train platform at the new high-speed train station between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, at the Yitzhak Navon Railway Station in Jerusalem on September 20, Israel Railways confirmed the delay, and the cancellation of the next train, but offered no explanation. The route — which currently only goes as far as Ben Gurion Airport — began regular operations Tuesday.

The train to the airport usually takes 21 minutes and runs every half hour. Get The Times of Israel’s Daily Edition by email and never miss our top stories Free Sign Up The hilly section from Jerusalem to Latrun has five tunnels and several miles of bridges, which afford dramatic views of the Jerusalem hills. Depending on the time of day, up to four trains will run each hour in both directions, traveling at up to kilometers miles per hour. The first regular services began five months late; opening day was scheduled for the Passover holiday in April.

The original estimated completion date passed years ago. A section of the high speed Jerusalem-Tel Aviv train line on the outskirts of Jerusalem, September 25, Works began in , only to be halted by environmentalist opposition until Tunneling recommenced in

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Where to eat You’re Going to Love Jerusalem In few places does the ancient blend with the modern as it does in Jerusalem. This historic city is holy to three of the world’s religions: Islam, Judaism, and Christianity, yet its incredible religious importance is only part of its status as a vibrant capital and cultural center.

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It was first published in and is the first game of the Anno series. The game is set in the Early Modern period of history and is based around colony building and resource management on a series of small islands. It includes aspects of exploration, combat, diplomacy and trade. Parts, like expansion and movement of resources, are similar to the early Settlers games. Anno is an economic, rather than combat, orientated strategy game.

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On 27 June , three weeks after the war ended, in the reunification of Jerusalem, Israel extended its law and jurisdiction to East Jerusalem, including the citys Christian and Muslim holy sites, along with some nearby West Bank territory which comprised 28 Palestinian villages, incorporating it into the Jerusalem Municipality, although it carefully avoided using the term annexation.. Similarly, Jews from the Conservative and Reform movements have been fighting with the Orthodox authorities who control access to the Wall for the right to conduct their own services.

One of them, Holyland Tower 1, Jerusalems tallest building, is a skyscraper by international standards, rising 32 stories. Com, the leading online dating resource for singles Now do it! It is also the place where Mohammed experienced the “night journey,” which is why it is considered the third holiest Islamic shrine after Mecca and Medina.

He rebukes Abner who is the only reason he remains as king.

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See Article History Alternative Titles: The term Palestine has been associated variously and sometimes controversially with this small region, which some have asserted also includes Jordan. Both the geographic area designated by the name and the political status of it have changed over the course of some three millennia. The region or at least a part of it is also known as the Holy Land and is held sacred among Jews , Christians , and Muslims.

Since the 20th century it has been the object of conflicting claims of Jewish and Arab national movements, and the conflict has led to prolonged violence and, in several instances, open warfare. The word Palestine derives from Philistia, the name given by Greek writers to the land of the Philistines , who in the 12th century bce occupied a small pocket of land on the southern coast, between modern Tel Aviv—Yafo and Gaza.

The name Palestine has long been in popular use as a general term to denote a traditional region, but this usage does not imply precise boundaries. In contemporary understanding, however, Palestine is generally defined as a region bounded on the east by the Jordan River, on the north by the border between modern Israel and Lebanon, on the west by the Mediterranean Sea including the coast of Gaza , and on the south by the Negev , with its southernmost extension reaching the Gulf of Aqaba.

The strategic importance of the area is immense: Settlement depends closely on water, which is almost never abundant.

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Imagine walking in the footsteps of Jesus! On this trip, which was months in the planning, we will visit many of the key sites. The night we land on April 18th Israel will be celebrating Yom Haatzmaut , their independence day which is very festive with fireworks!

Sifetch, which is an Accelerator based in Jerusalem, in collaboration with the Hebrew University, holds many meetups for young startups workshops, Face-to-Face small meetups with startup founders, and also “Speed Dating” events for finding co-founders.

It will also cover the UK-Amsterdam route when this starts. Passholder places are controlled by a quota but you’ll find plenty of availability if you book in advance and I’m told you should find reasonable availability even on the day of travel. If you have a flexi-type pass, yes, using a Eurostar passholder fare requires you to use one of your unlimited travel days, though of course you can use other trains that day in addition to the Eurostar in the countries for which the pass is valid.

To qualify for these passholder fares your pass needs to cover either the country where your Eurostar journey starts, or the country where it finishes, or both. A very attractive deal! Check-in 45 minutes before your train, not A passholder print-at-home ticket may not operate the Eurostar check-in gates so you must check-in using one of the staffed kiosks so that your railpass can be checked. For this reason, passholders are asked to check in at least 45 minutes before their train, rather than the usual minimum of 30 minutes.

This may have changed – feedback would be appreciated – but this was certainly the situation at launch. Anyone from any country can make Eurostar passholder bookings at www. Then use the journey planner to book your train. You are emailed your Eurostar ticket or you can show it on the B-Europe smartphone app.

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Yisrael Katz’s proposal would involve digging two underground stations and excavating more than two miles of tunnel – ending up at the Western Wall, an ancient holy site revered in Judaism. The project would extend the soon-to-open multi-billion-pound rail line from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and help ferry the some 11 million tourists and worshippers a year to the wall.

The route will run close to – but not directly under – the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, where tradition holds that Jesus was crucified and buried, and a contested holy site known to Jews as the Temple Mount and to Muslims as the Noble Sanctuary. The same area is also home to the al-Aqsa Mosque, one of the oldest in Islam. Palestinians fear any underground work could see the structure compromised. The Western Wall, Judaism’s holiest prayer site, in the foreground Credit:

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On board the train to Jerusalem These Danish-designed trains are the only type which can negotiate the tight curves on the curvaceous line to Jerusalem, which was originally built as a metre-gauge line, but converted to standard gauge 4′ 8. The best views are arguably on the left-hand side of the train going towards Jerusalem.

There’s no catering, so buy a coffee and supplies at the station before you board. Note that from you have to make one easy change of train at Bet Shemesh. When I took the photos below, train ran direct from Tel Aviv.

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According to a Midrash , the name is a combination of Yhwh Yir’eh “God will see to it”, the name given by Abraham to the place where he began to sacrifice his son and the town ” Shalem “. The mountains of Judah belong to him, to the God of Jerusalem”. In Greek and Latin the city’s name was transliterated Hierosolyma Greek: Other early Hebrew sources, [68] early Christian renderings of the verse [69] and targumim , [70] however, put Salem in Northern Israel near Shechem or Sichem , now Nablus , a city of some importance in early sacred Hebrew writing.

History of Jerusalem Given the city’s central position in both Jewish nationalism Zionism and Palestinian nationalism , the selectivity required to summarize some 5, years of inhabited history is often influenced by ideological bias or background see Historiography and nationalism.

I srael’s transport minister has said he was pushing ahead with controversial plans to build a high-speed train network under the Old City in Jerusalem and declared its main station would be.

Start Jerusalem Competition Apply now with your Start-up and win a free trip to Jerusalem For the fourth time, the Start-up-nation Israel is hosting a competition; the winner will receive a free trip, with a prestigious program of one week. The application is closed now. In addition, Jerusalem has a vibrant entrepreneur community. Last year, it was ranked in several places, including TIME Magazine, as one of the growing ecosystems of the world.

Startup Genome referred to Jerusalem as a hub for biotech and life sciences in Israel. The winners will present their ideas to high-ranking investors and be inspired by a pulsating, vivid and creative scene. Participation requirements All Start-ups present a basic product and are eligible to apply. The closing date is August 12th The Start-up has to be in a relative early phase Seed Stage. The age of the applicants should be between 24 and The winner, who will travel to Israel, must be the founder or CEO of the company.

During the event, the winner will be announced. Important dates August 19,

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The city is located in and is also the capital of the Jerusalem District of Israel , and the Jerusalem Governate of Palestine. Jerusalem is considered to be the cultural, spiritual and national center of the Jewish people and the Jewish state, it is also a holy city to Islam and Christianity, and is also one of the oldest cities in the world.

The City of Gold, as it has come to be known in Hebrew, is a fascinatingly unique place where the first century rubs shoulders with the twenty-first century, each jostling for legitimacy and space, and where picturesque “old” neighborhoods nestle against glistening office towers and high-rise apartments. It is one of those places which has to be seen to be believed. In Jerusalem you can find anything, from pilgrims to liberal protesters. Some say that events that occur in Jerusalem, or events that surround Jerusalem, resemble greater events that occur in all of Israel.

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The new interpretation highlighted here seeks to answer some of the many nagging questions about the various water installations and how they related to each other, both in time and function. Before we dig in, be forewarned: Much of what follows will resonate only with hard-core afficionados of Jerusalem antiquities!

Note that North is to the right. The Gihon Spring has always been there, of course! This system was still in operation in Iron Age 2, when the tunnel was started. Or have traces of this actually been found?

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The practice[ edit ] In strictly Orthodox Jewish circles, dating is limited to the search for a marriage partner. Both sides usually the singles themselves, parents, close relatives or friends of the persons involved make inquiries about the prospective partner, e. A shidduch often begins with a recommendation from family members, friends or others who see matchmaking as a mitzvah , or commandment. Some engage in it as a profession and charge a fee for their services.

Usually a professional matchmaker is called a shadchan , but anyone who makes a shidduch is considered the shadchan for it. After the match has been proposed, the prospective partners meet a number of times to gain a sense of whether they are right for one another. The number of dates prior to announcing an engagement may vary by community. In some, the dating continues several months.

In stricter communities, the couple may decide a few days after originally meeting with each other. Also the age when shidduchim start may vary by community. In frum circles, especially among Hassidim , eighteen is the age when shidduchim start and shadchanim take notice. Those who support marriage by shidduch believe that it complies with traditional Judaism ‘s outlook on Tzeniut , modest behaviour in relations between men and women, and prevents promiscuity.

It may also be helpful in small Jewish communities where meeting prospective marriage partners is limited, and this gives them access to a broader spectrum of potential candidates.

Enjoy the German Colony, a trendy Jerusalem neighborhood