By Monty Munford Unfortunately, that opportunity has been undermined by poor infrastructure, hefty bureaucracy and the divide between the nation’s urban and rural areas. But India is nonetheless changing, and a new generation of startups is throwing aside the red tape to produce products with global, as well as domestic, impacts. These 10 Indian startups are doing just that. Hike Launched in December in Delhi, mobile messaging app Hike now has more than 20 million users. Exotel Exotel is a cloud telephony company based in Bangalore. It provides services like virtual phone numbers and telephony applications for SMEs, eliminating the need for expensive call centers. It now has more than clients, with plans to add 1, more customers by the end of

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What is a cockroach? Aloke Bajpai, Ixigo, describes this beautifully: Here we are, a cockroach startup, leading the unicorn pack while they struggle to grow. Read on… QuackQuack is a dating platform for Indians web and app which launched almost 6 years ago and has a total userbase of 1.

Startups Women in Tech Health How bad is SF dating compared to Seattle? 5 facebook twitter reddit hacker news link. comments. Add a comment If you are Indian or Chinese (fob that is) and want to find the love of your life chances are that you’ll die alone.

It is radically changing the various aspects of our daily life. Companies are now significantly making investments in AI to boost their future businesses. With a lot of development in AI happening around the globe, India is coming up with equally unique perspectives on the field, as their other developed counterparts. Here are the 10 Artificial Intelligence AI focused startups in India that will rule in and beyond, 1.

E-commerce players and merchants can integrate the application with Mitra API which automatically blocks fraudsters at large scale, without having to hire additional staff for fraud review. Parallel Dots also recommends content to end-users and hence is bound to have strong competition. It helps businesses save time by taking away the pain of screening a multitude of candidate profiles.

Enterprises can upload the bulk of candidate profiles on the AirCTO platform and apply filters. The AI machine then screens the profiles based on the filters and parameters provided by the company. The filters can be as specific as work experience, skill sets, education qualifications, etc. The app understands human language in the context of the products or services users wish to avail. Currently, users can search, discover, confirm, and pay for cabs and mobile recharges through a simple chat interface.

As a technology platform, Niki. HealthMir HealthMir provides information on health through videos.

Startups tackle Indian women’s toilet woes Online

Featured stories , Start-Ups – Posted: January 28, Every year we take a look at 20 UK startups to watch and, well, here we have 20 startups to watch in Last year we think we did pretty well in our ‘ 20 UK startups to watch ‘. Many had great years and even ended up in our ‘ 10 uk startups that smashed it in ‘ list. So without further ado

The Blue Taj. Located in the popular Ballantyne Village shopping center, The Blue Taj is a Charlotte fave. Their menu is a nice mix of traditional and modern Indian cuisine.

They are starting to have a huge lead when compared to competitors. But how are they doing this? One big reason is they are one master franchise owned by Jubilant Foods. Having one centralized entity planning and executing has enabled them to move fast. They have a clear vision for Customizing the menu, Social engagement, Expansion and more. In fact, 3 of the 4 most popular pizzas are vegetarian.

This has made them customize their menu into what Indians like. They address and respond to both positive and negative comments on social media. The break-neck pace of this expansion is to cover more and more cities for delivery and pickup. This is a guest post submitted on Techstory by the mentioned authors. All the contents and images in the article have been provided to Techstory by the authors of the article.

Techstory is not responsible or liable for any content in this article. Sunaina works with social media and online content.

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But to her disgust, if not to her surprise, the facilities stank and the seat was splattered with urine, forcing the year-old to get back on her bike and wait till she got home. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will trumpet progress in improving access to toilets at a Delhi convention starting this weekend — but as Malla’s experience shows, there is still a long way to go.

Some help is at hand from local startups providing ways to avoid coming into contact with or clean up filthy toilet seats, which doctors warn pose a health risk to many women. Once I caught an infection from using a loo in a big hotel,” Malla, a public relations consultant, told AFP. Malla’s friends in her bike gang recounted their own horror stories — from bins overflowing with used toilet paper to wiping the seat with the edge of their dresses.

Using a dirty toilet, not drinking enough water or holding urine for a long time puts women at a greater risk of urinary tract infections, a painful complaint that half of women report having had at least once.

Tinder co-founder Dinesh Moorjani joins Indian mobile dating firm Vee as advisor. Technology Moorjani is founder and CEO of Hatch Labs, a mobile technology incubator and captive fund, which built over 10 startups from ground up since , including Tinder. Moorjani was formerly SVP of IAC Mobile (InterActiveCorp) where he built Hatch Labs.

According to reports, Priyanka has invested in a San Francisco-based coding education startup called Holberton School, which is a project-based alternative to college for the next generation of software engineers. Founded by Holberton is backed by Trinity Ventures, a California-based early stage venture capital firm as well as by Omidyar Network. The other investment of Priyanka is Bumble, a dating and social media app, which was founded by Whitney Wolfe Herd, who is a co-founder of popular dating app Tinder.

Bumble will be launched in India by Priyanka herself in coming months. A new chapter for me! I am so excited to partner with bumble and holbertonschool as an investor. Tinder, for comparison, offers its app in four languages in India. The app, Herd told CNN, will need Indian women to only fill in the first initial of their name and not their full names.

5 Indian Startups Bootstrapping Their Way to Success

Vijay Ghadge Funding details: Roambee is focussed on the technology part of logistics and integrates Internet of Things IoT solutions to help track and monitor shipments at different stages of the delivery process. This allows businesses to monitor their shipments in real-time and also protect against possible pilferage and stealing while ensuring that the process is streamlined to reduce any delays.

On her maiden visit to Bengaluru, British Prime Minister Theresa May interacted with several startups to understand the breadth, depth and ambition of the Indian startup ecosystem.

She is the wife of Ola founder Bhavish Aggarwal. The life of an entrepreneur is certainly not easy. It requires an enormous amount of hard work, dedication and sacrifice — and the same applies for their partners. While the stories of many such successful entrepreneurs float around, stories about their better halves that are untold and hidden from the public eye. The couple got married in and had a daughter, Siara in A PhD from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, Kanchan is now a mathematics professor at Delhi University, and stays away from the limelight her famous husband cannot escape.

The couple had an arranged marriage when Sharma was Aditi, who had taken up a job as a scientist at Accenture Tech Labs, supported Naveen when he turned down job offers to explore start possibilities in Silicon Valley. In an interview once Naveen Tewari had jokingly said that his priorities in life were Inmobi, his wife and cricket — in that order. Aditi seems only supportive of that commitment.

Karishma is a Delhi College of Engineering graduate and and investment banker, and the duo has been quite open about sharing glimpses from their blissful love life. The couple married in and were blessed with a baby girl in December last year. Before taking over the reins from her husband, she was the head of fulfillment and operations at the company.

Tinder to roll out expanded set of gender options in India

Buffalo Single women online dating websites Buffalo Single women online dating websites 10 months ago Nathan 0 Thursday, september 18, at the kinkade funeral chapel in sturgis with pastor harold delbridge officiating. Like medina, most entrepreneurs working on plus-focused startups joined the market after having an experience that could have been better with targeted technology.

We did run into each other, she came home with me, and i banged her. Sbmd may combine personal and non-personal information collected by sbmd about you, and may combine this information with information from external sources. One of the best places to meet single people is by using dating websites.

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Find out what’s happening in the world as it unfolds. Modi will meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over a period of two days to discuss “matters of mutual interest,” read a press release from India’s Ministry of External Affairs. Modi’s itinerary also includes plans to meet with members of the Indian community in Tel Aviv and a visit to honor Indian soldiers buried in Haifa cemetery.

Important ally Israel has in recent years become an important defense supplier for India. Read More “As India seeks to modernize and grow its defense capabilities, it could find an able ally in Israel. While India and Israel have a diplomatic relationship dating back to , the July trip would be the first time that an Indian Prime Minister has visited. Under a program titled “Make in India,” Modi has been looking for foreign companies to set up production in India.

Modi’s trip will likely be viewed as an opportunity to encourage Israeli businesses—comprising everything from diamond merchants to tech firms—to sell their wares in India.

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Contact Us VC Focus: Together, the six offer Indian entrepreneurs their expertise and experience in the areas of investing, exits, and business building. And with that, they play a crucial role in helping fill the void in the mid-stage technology investment space in the Indian startup ecosystem. The idea that gave birth to Iron Pillar Indeed, the very idea to start a mid-staged focused fund, came from one of its founders, Anand Prasanna.

Anand, who having observed the investment trends in the Chinese market, knew it was only a matter of time before similar opportunities began to take shape in India. As such, the need for a fund like Iron Pillar existed.

The year has witnessed a sizeable amount of angel investment interest in Indian startups, with funding hitting a five-year high, especially in support of tech-based innovative startups.

This programme assures mobile developers all over the world access to free tools and services that could help them grow their companies. India has the largest Facebook international developer community of any other region in the world. More than 75 percent of top-grossing apps in India are integrated with Facebook. In India, as the nomination process in on, Facebook has shortlisted quite some startups as of now to invest. Here we list out 6 Indian startups, who have already been selected eligible for FBStart.

CloudLoot is an end-to-end fashion application that focuses on re-commerce or sale of pre-owned fashion products re-commerce. The programme is likely to provide a big boost to CoutLoot, said its founders. The Delhi based event discovery application, Partiko allows its users to discover social events such as parties and music performances through their application. The Partiko app is integrated with Whatsapp recently integrated with Facebook.

It allows users to personalize their feeds and to save favorites. Flicksup — In the age of movies, music, reality shows, and television series, Bangalore based startup Flicksup aims at creating a community of fan followers. Viewers can connect, hold discussions, write reviews, and follow their favorite shows through this social network.

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