To the poster above, you make an interesting point, except your descriptions are way too narrow and in the case of Libra they largely miss the key personality traits. Also, couples don’t have to agree on everything and be carbon copies of each other. Opposites work really well, as can ones who just compliment each other harmoniously. You’ll find it’s a lot more complicated than just finding similar traits: I am a Libra woman that has had a relationship with a Gemini man for 4 years. It has been the best and worst years of my life. The first two years were difficult, but these last two years we have both really developed. He gives me what I want, I give him what he wants.

Libra Woman Personality Traits

Libra Traits Libra Traits The people born under the Sign Libra are kind, gentle and lovers of beauty, harmony and peace. However, in their effort to keep everyone happy, they find it difficult to say ‘NO’ to anyone, and as a result, they end up getting stressed. They have a lot of positive traits, but some negative ones, too. Here we take a look at them to get a better idea about the qualities of a Libra.

Positive Traits Tactful The Libra-born natives are experts at getting things done, but they cannot be called cunning.

Compatibility Aquarius and Libra The Libra woman and the Aquarius man are a wonderful pair; they are almost perfect for each other. They have a lot of common personality traits such as being socialists, have a lot of energy, and cannot stand to have other people tell them how to live.

Their clear way of thinking and an understanding of their own desires and goals can greatly improve their romantic and sex life. The important thing they need to remember is that every lie they say is an attempt to hide the truth from themselves, and they will be back on the right track in no time. These individuals will love being a hero, and they will often choose their partner to be someone who needs to be saved. Energetic and highly aware, they can become great lovers if they understand the beauty of satisfying their partner.

Leo Career With so much energy, a Leo always strives for greatness. Whether or not they will succeed depends mostly on their upbringing and the ability of their parents to teach them how to take responsibility, focus their energy, and remain calm in a time of need. In general, they are natural born leaders and will fully grasp the importance of respect in their professional relationships.

If they have the same respect for those above them on the success scale, as for those below, they will have a chance to move very far and be loved by everyone they work for, and who works for them. The need they have to live a fine life and spend money on things they are passionate about, will often push them beyond their limits. To balance their entire professional experience, they need enough rest to give the best possible results.

Positive Leo Traits Warm as an individual guided by the light of the Sun itself, a Leo is always passionate and warm, to their benefit or loss. This passion they carry inside will make them straightforward and brave, often raising the quality of life for many people they cherish. If a Leo ever ends up in a mess of dishonesty, their entire life will lose much of its potential and quality, and once they realize this, they will remain true to themselves and those around them, every step of the way.

Libra Woman Sexual Traits

Dog and Dragon compatibility horoscope Dog man and Dragon woman compatibility horoscope You may be wondering what the Chinese horoscope has to say about your compatibility with the Dragon who has captured your desires. As a Dog, you are loyal and true, preferring to stay home and guard the house and family than leave to pursue other goals. Stability is a necessity for you, and you need a lover who deserves your faithfulness.

Unfortunately, the Dragon is not such a one.

While she will be a very exciting sex partner, she will be very possessive and obsessive about her partner’s fidelity. The male Libra with Venus in Scorpio will be attracted to strong, sexy women, but will boil with jealousy because other men are attracted to her.

Online Internet Dating Advice: After filtering, you then have to conduct interviews of sorts. And we do invite you to contribute your thoughts, advice or online dating experiences in the comments here. Your Online Dating Profile: Be like everyone else. There are a few things we can accept most every woman will tend to say. Scrap that, throw it out the window. You need to express yourself in your profile.

Men can smell fake a mile away and it bores them to death. Be different, be daring, be a tad snarky in a nice, funny way and let your attitude show.

The Libra Sexuality

The Libra woman personality is likely to be kind, generous, and fair whenever she can be. The Libra zodiac sign is symbolized by the scales , showing that the Libra woman likes to lead a balanced life. She will do whatever she can to keep her life balanced, as well as trying to keep things fair between her friends and family.

Compliment a Taurus woman from the start. Taureans can spot hypocrisy from a mile away, so make certain that all flattery is the real deal. Taurus women will go to great lengths to look pleasing for their partner, often spending the better part of the day readying for an evening out.

Since you are both born into the same sign, the elements and qualities are the same. You also have the same ruling and exalted planet. This makes for a favorable match. Because of the discussion-oriented nature of the sign, some challenges will occur; but nothing insurmountable. Your physical chemistry is excellent, and your motives and goals are similar. Chances are good that you’ll support each others’ efforts.

Libra horoscope: Zodiac sign, Traits and compatibility

A Guide to Dating a Libra Woman When it comes to dating, you definitely want to know how you and your partner will work out as a couple. Certain people prefer consulting a horoscope and zodiac signs. Some go as far as picking partners according to their zodiac signs.

As humans, Librans have their pitfalls, but they are committed and loyal, like most women from other signs, working their magic in their unique style, taking help .

Most Aries avoid breakup pain by skipping the grieving process and jumping right into bounce-back mode like they’re the living impersonation of the “Rocky” montage. That being said, they can. You are a Libra, the sign of partnership, and you treat every relationship as if it were a marriage. Libra — Librans are people who want balance in their life. They see that a relationship is a social contract and that if it falls they get hurt and embarrassed.

They want their partners to fall in love with them again if the other one is falling out of love. They have a good atmosphere around them and would turn the unfortunate. And every breakup is different. Some couples manage to end things peacefully, whereas others find themselves throwing precious, fragile furniture across the room, screaming profanities in each other’s direction. But whether loud or soft, amicable or malicious, every break-up has warning signs beforehand.

I’m a Libra woman, who involved with a Gemini man.

Libra: Use these 3 STRANGE Dating tips to avoid a dating disaster

Astrological Soulmates Libra and Aquarius Compatibility: The Idealist and the Visionary Well, this is an interesting match. Read on to find out more, or share your astrology compatibility question with us and ask more about your relationship.

Taurus Man Personality. Taurus man personality and traits appear on this page. A person is a Taurus if they are born between April May follows is a comprehensive breakdown of major Taurus traits and personality characteristics.

How to Seduce a Taurus Woman By: Of course, this tends to make the Taurus woman very much a romantic at heart. Therefore, certain rules should be followed while trying to get the Taurus woman to surrender to passion. Taurus women are earthy, sensuous and loyal. Meet Singles in your Area! Step 1 Compliment a Taurus woman from the start. Taureans can spot hypocrisy from a mile away, so make certain that all flattery is the real deal. Taurus women will go to great lengths to look pleasing for their partner, often spending the better part of the day readying for an evening out.

Treat your Taurus woman like a sensual feast, and tell her so; a suitor that notices the total package is one that will get far in the pursuit. Step 2 Be a bit territorial, even to the point of pushing the line a bit.

Key Characteristics of Libra Females You Probably Didn’t Notice

Since then, I ended a really abusive and emotionally draining relationship 1 year ago I’ve gone on some dates with people, made out with strangers at clubs, but haven’t had sex or a real relationship since my last one ended. The weird thing is, I really don’t want to. I was sexually assaulted in my last relationship so that might be a factor, but I haven’t had any sex drive. My friend tried to set me up with a girl who found me attractive and vice versa and the thought of kissing her caused me to panic I didn’t do anything for weeks and she lost interest completely.

The idea of having to spend time with someone and having to care about them seems really unappealing.

Oct 18,  · The symbol of the Sign Libra, the Scales, indicate that men born under this Sign yearn for balance and harmony in life, and have a deep sense of loyalty, justice and fairness. Hence, you will often find them lending a helping hand to people around them.

Being situated two signs apart in the Zodiac, Leo and Libra experience a deep understanding of the inner-workings of the other. Leo and Libra are both outlandish versus reserved, direct versus peace loving. They can enjoy a very smooth relationship because each can appreciate and benefit from the positive attributes of the other. As a couple, Leo and Libra are well balanced. But Leo is far more decisive than Libra.

Leo can help their partners to make decisions more easily and act on them, and they can teach the art of spontaneity.

Libra Man

Astrological Soulmates Libra and Taurus Compatibility: The Idealist and the Lover What do you get when the two signs ruled by Venus fall in love? Surely this should be a love match made in heaven, no? The Idealist and the Lover — are they not heading for a happily ever after situation filled with romance, idealism, fluffy bunnies and rainbows?

Well for Libra and Taurus, compatibility can be instant and the attraction can be overwhelming…but is this a relationship which can last or is it built on castles in the air?

Loving a Libra means knowing there are few things more important than make-up sex. She loves falling in love, so to love a Libra you’ll have to fall in love time and time again. She’ll require perpetual evolution, and inspiration, and a little dose of sin.

Zodiac sign, Traits and Compatibility Capricorn is the sign that represents the time and responsibility and people born in Capricorn horoscope are serious and traditional by nature. They have the strength of the responsibility, Self-confidence, discipline and good management skills. They like the family outings, Music, Quality craftsmanship. They are the manager of self and produces the lead way to the solid and plans their friends or working people which help in the work at that time.

They learn from their mistakes and always get the best in their career based on their expertise and experience. The sign of this horoscope is the goat which has the tail of the fish. They not only make sense on the material world but have the ability to get out of tough situations. However, people of this sign may be stiff and stubborn to move from one point of view relationship because they take more time to understand the nature of the other individual and have the tendency to put the traditional out of the fear aggressively.

The Capricorn Dates are 22 December to 19 January. Saturn has impacts on their responsible and practical behavior. They are somewhat resentful when their order and announce is not followed in the proper way but are always prepared to convert every scary thing to the non-scary things. They show their face as the enough brave that does not scare from any climatical or threatening situations. They are evolved with their surrounding.

Having the good and perfect compatibility with the Cancer and Taurus, the Lucky number is the 4,8,13 and

How To Date A Libra Woman