Tweet on Twitter Source: Christian Filipina The majority of the Filipino women are shy and reserved. They are so much different from the girls in the West. So, if you are a Westerner, hoping to know a Filipina woman , you should first understand her nature. This page is solely dedicated to exploring the facts of conservatism in the Philippines and how it influences the pretty ladies in the country, especially when it comes to courtship, dating, and marriage. Filipina Women Are Conservative Source: Pinterest The majority of the Filipinos are Catholic and their religious practices have taught the women to be conservative, faithful, loving and adoring to their husband. They are also taught how important it is to remain pure on her wedding day. The country values the importance of a family.

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Happy All Saints Day! I am very curious to know how your family celebrates. Please share in the comments! Our family has trick-or-treated and contributed to candy baskets, surrounded by the magical glow of jack-o-lanterns and the delight of neighborhood children. But as Halloween becomes more secular and dark, the lights flicker and we are left with an empty feeling!

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I moved to New York when I was 14 and desperately tried to find a balance between my culture and the new unfamiliar Western culture. Part of that American assimilation included dating. But when I finally started dating my non-Filipino boyfriend, there were a few things he needed to know: We love our family to pieces. Everyone pitches in to raise a child from grandparents to godparents to the next door neighbor.

Family is the most important thing to us — sometimes even more important to us than you. So, as the Spice Girls say: If you wanna be her lover, you gotta get with her friends … and family. And never, ever, ever insult a family member. We Filipinos also have a saying: We have enough food to feed a village. Are there more people coming?

We love, love, LOVE karaoke.

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From the May 15 Issue Banned in Boston The coming conflict between same-sex marriage and religious liberty. It was getting out of the adoption business. The issue is adoption to same-sex couples. Catholic Charities of Boston, one of the nation’s oldest adoption agencies, had long specialized in finding good homes for hard to place kids. It’s a complicated story.

Massachusetts law prohibited “orientation discrimination” over a decade ago.

# Peaceful Religious Debates to Establish Truth and Worship.

Grassroots Republicans, dissatisfied with the party’s antics over the past eight years, have staged a coup against the party establishment. The establishment is running scared as the grassroots movement’s leader, Donald Trump, stands ready to accept the party’s nomination next month. The establishment has enjoyed the gravy train for too long. They’ve become unresponsive to the people, and they’ve grown fat and rich at the public’s expense.

However, this is a time of pain for Main Street Americans, who have lost jobs to trade agreements, lost purchasing power to declining wages, and continue to sink further into debt. Take the Bible Quiz now! We now live in two different Americas. Wall Street America, where the times are rather good, and Main Street America, where it’s tough and getting tougher. During such times, people look to charismatic leaders who will clean house a bit, and Donald Trump is just the man.

But cleaning house also means a lot of establishment insiders will be kicked out. To save themselves, they’ve enlisted the help of their best mouthpieces, Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, and Erick Erickson, to name the most prominent.


Austin Ruse Influential Catholics—many of them supporters of Barack Obama—are advancing a proposition that may have the result of sullying the reputations of Catholic conservatives and those Catholics arguing for a robust market economy. They couch their arguments in Catholic Social Teaching; the common good, political community, love for the poor, subsidiarity. They compare this over against libertarianism; a radical individualism where each man sets and makes his own course that—damn all the rest—leads to his flourishing unless the heavy hand of the state interrupts it.

Above all—to radical individualists—the State is the Enemy. One of the overarching questions, at least for some of us in the room, was where are the libertarians you all are talking about? Matthew Boudway of Commonweal drew a bright line right at the real target of the conference.

Our dating site caters to a more conservative audience that’s looking for a Conservative dating site that offers a safe environment to single men and single women who are Christians and have a strong faith and would like to be equally yoked with believers who have the same outlook in life.

These differences remain; they are basic and currently irresolvable. The document simply listed explanations, both from the Lutheran and Roman Catholic belief systems. They agreed that “The teaching of the Lutheran churches presented in this Declaration does not fall under the condemnations from the Council of Trent.

The condemnations in the Lutheran Confessions do not apply to the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church presented in this Declaration. Response to the Joint Declaration: The declaration has received negative reviews among some religious conservatives. The ‘joint declaration on justification’ aims to resolve a four-centuries-old theological dispute dating from the time of the Reformation.

Joint meetings finally led to a resolution: The two communions are to declare officially on 31 October [ ] that mutual doctrinal condemnations pronounced at the time of the Reformation no longer apply. It is believed to be the first time that the Vatican has ever declared that Catholic doctrinal condemnations no longer apply to a Protestant communion. Roman Catholicism has changed greatly since the Second Vatican Council; many Lutherans tend to look upon that church as it existed at the time of the Council of Trent.

The declaration shows that Lutherans and Catholics are both Christian groups who have “much more in common than what divides them.

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Single, and okay with it. I don’t know if it’s the empowerment I feel when I hear Beyonce declare “all the single ladies put your hands up” or not, but I don’t really mind being single right now. But then again, Beyonce isn’t single While making copies of statistics sheets last night at a pro-life clinic I volunteer at, I came across a small prayer pamphlet.

We have them everywhere, so it wasn’t unusual to see them scattered.

Because we’re from a strict and conservative Roman Catholic country, most Filipinas you meet most likely observe Catholic holidays, are active in church, and wear religious paraphernalia; a cross necklace, for instance.

A Herald analysis shows as many Catholics on the front bench of the Federal Opposition as that of the Government. A poll of the federal cabinet and the shadow cabinet showed six Catholics in each, or about 30 per cent. Catholics are 26 per cent of the general population. The Leader of the Opposition, Tony Abbott, is a staunch Catholic who studied for the priesthood as a young man.

Both men were educated at Jesuit-run schools, as was the Opposition education spokesman, Christopher Pyne. Related Articles Politics and religion: When he was recently photographed leaving the Catholic Mary MacKillop Memorial Chapel in North Sydney, where he reportedly took Communion, Mr Abbott accused him of ”exploiting” his religious beliefs to score political points. Of the 20 members of shadow cabinet, 18 identified as Christian and two did not comment.

None identified as atheist or non-believers. The Labor cabinet was more diverse.

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The Philippines is a predominantly Catholic country with more than 7,, pearl-white islands, perfect for sunbathing and snorkeling. Lastly, the Chinese cities of Shenzhen and Chongqing are major commercial and manufacturing districts, earning their titles as future megacities.

Donate Should a Christian be a Republican or a Democrat? As a c 3 tax-exempt, non-profit organization, Got Questions Ministries is not allowed to endorse political parties or candidates. We can, however, speak for or against certain political issues. In all actuality, though, few political issues are truly spiritual issues. As an example, we may prefer lower taxes, but the Bible does not endorse low taxes; all it says is that we are to pay our taxes honestly Matthew As a result, Christians can in good conscience have disagreements on these issues.

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Ironically, Coulter made a name for herself by allegedly being anti-establishment. That was until October of Then, she surprised many on the political left and the political right – and many in between. She endorsed the Republican establishment’s candidate, Mitt Romney, for the Republican nomination in very early in the primary campaign. Rather than question what might have prompted such an endorsement, I want to discuss her efforts to harm the candidacy of a very good man, Rick Santorum.

I believe they reveal bigger problems with serious implications.

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You both feel the attraction building up. What do you do? Now is not the time to decide! You must decide before you go on the date what your limits will be. Don’t team up with those who are unbelievers. How can righteousness be a partner with wickedness? How can light live with darkness? If you fall in love, what will you do? Are you spending time with God? Do you depend on Him to meet your needs of love and security? You can resist temptation if you put on the whole armor of God Eph.

In fact, usually the opposite is true. It feels incredibly good to give in to passion. But, the authority of Christ needs to take precedence over your physical drives.

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Share The death of one or both parents makes the child of the very poor a ward of the community. The obligation of support is imposed upon parents or grandparents by nearly every system of laws ; but there is no such obligation upon any other relative. Natural sympathy, however, and willingness to bear a distributed burden for the common good, rather than to enforce an individual one, contribute to the acceptance of the care of orphans as a public duty. In Biblical times the fatherless, the stranger, and the widow shared the excess fruits of the harvest Deuteronomy The people were told God “is the father of orphans” Ps.

Join us for the 19th National Catholic Singles Conference! Single Catholics of all ages come to the conference from all over the country – and internationally too! If you’re a single adult, then please join us! What we want for you: To meet like-minded fellow Catholics, receive practical aids for growing in faith and forming lasting.

Regensburg Lecture In an address to the faculty at the University of Regensburg , Germany, [17] Benedict discussed the preconditions for an effective dialogue with Islam and other cultures. This requires a review of theology and science. Hence the human sciences , such as history , psychology , sociology and philosophy , attempt to conform themselves to this canon of science”. For philosophy and, albeit in a different way, for theology, listening to the great experiences and insights of the religious traditions of humanity , and those of the Christian faith in particular, is a source of knowledge , and to ignore it would be an unacceptable restriction of our listening and responding.

Only thus do we become capable of that genuine dialogue of cultures and religions so urgently needed today. In the Western world it is widely held that only positivistic reason and the forms of philosophy based on it are universally valid. Yet the world’s profoundly religious cultures see this exclusion of the divine from the universality of reason as an attack on their most profound convictions. A reason which is deaf to the divine and which relegates religion into the realm of subcultures is incapable of entering into the dialogue of cultures.

Theology of Joseph Ratzinger[ edit ] Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith[ edit ] Ratzinger became known as a theologian through his position at the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith , which he headed until his election to the Papacy. It has been frequently overlooked that he opened up his congregation to theological and historical research , by providing greater access to the Archive of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. In absence of a large body of papal teachings of Benedict XVI, the Ratzinger theology is often cited.

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