Play slideshow Adding a hot tub to a deck project requires creativity and close attention to structural details. Even when clients already have a specific tub in mind, they usually have only a vague idea of where it should go and how it should be integrated with the rest of the deck. And most haven’t thought at all about the special framing needed or the impact that it can have on a deck’s design. This is where we—the deck designers and builders—come in. Structural Support Hot tubs must be placed on a flat, level surface, such as a concrete slab or a deck, without any shims. Beyond that, many structural and design decisions depend on the particular hot tub chosen, so clients need to select their tub early in the process. Only when you know the tub’s dimensions, dry weight, water capacity, and suggested occupancy can you figure out how much weight the slab or framing will need to support. On the West Coast, this is a common framing plan to support a 7×7 tub with a potential psf live load. The footings and piers are reinforced and connected to each other with 4 rebar, and the 4×4 posts are reinforced as shown with diagonal bracing. If a hot tub is going to be elevated, the framing will have to support it.

How do you to hook up a wiring for hot tub

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Recently my friend and I bought a new house with a spa included. I contacted my electrician to change the wiring for the spa a bit. I wanted him to install a GFCI in the main panel, then a fused disconnect at the tub. Currently the setup is a 60A V 2-pole regular breaker in the main panel, wired to a box mounted on the house near the tub which contains a GFCI, a pull-out disconnect via a contactor, and a shrill alarm when the GFCI is tripped.

When he got into the wiring, he discovered that the tub was fed by only three conductors! Two hots and a ground, no neutral. I dug up the installation instructions for the tub, and it indeed showed a three-wire hookup: So he said that trying to wire it with the GFCI I purchased may not work, and I believe him because there is no neutral white wire to attach to the center connection screw on the breaker!

My question is, how prevalent are installations of this type? At a previous house I owned, I purchased a spa with a four-wire hookup, and he wired it the way I had hoped to wire this one with no problems. And, how do GFCI’s of this type work? Do they just sense the current on the two hots, and if different, trip?


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Last week we covered the type of base needed for a hot tub, this week I want to go over what you will need to get your new spa all powered up. We work with a handful of great electricians in the Amesbury and greater North Shore Massachusetts area who do great work and we can match you up with a capable company when you buy your hot tub. Standard Spa Electrical Requirements: Most spas in the industry require the following to run properly.

They generally come with their own pre-wired gfci plug. These types of tubs are only 1 pump usually only 1. In Massachusetts and NH we have a lot of older homes with older electrical setups. Before installation of your new hot tub you should have an electrician check to see if you have a big enough electrical panel to fit a 50amp service. Some older homes may only have a amp panel and may need to be upgraded to a amp panel before the spa can be wired up properly.

The wiring required wiring to the tub is typically 6 or 8 gauge 4 v cable.

Wiring a Hot Tub 50 AMP GFCI Circuit

For maximum air injection and a firmer massage, turn the knob all the way counterclockwise. For a more gentle Venturi massage, turn toward clockwise. When the jet pump is not running, the venturis will do nothing. It does not matter what position they are left in when you leave the spa.

CAUTION: Electrical repairs can be dangerous, especially around water. Repairs must be made by a qualified electrician or spa technician. Regardless of who performs the work, make certain that all electrical power to the hot tub or spa is disconnected prior to making any inspections or repairs.

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Electrical Wiring

We can hook up your hot tub fast and for an affordable low price. Don’t settle for any random handyman or electrician when it comes to hot tub wiring and installation. Improper wiring and hookup can be very dangerous and lead to all sorts of problems. Electrical work is one of those things where you need to make sure you are dealing with professionals. Our electricians are licensed and have the knowledge and experience to make sure everything is up to code and wired the way it should be for maximum safety and efficiency.

Our electricians will show up on schedule and hook up your hot tub in a timely manner so you can start using it as soon as possible.

Balboa GFCI 40 breaker and box – Balboa 40 AMP GFCI breaker “Approved protection for all hot tubs and pools”. Balboa is the world leader in hot tub heaters and controllers.

Hot tub GFCI breakers are safety devices that come in different versions for Canadian hot tub installations. How does a GFCI work? A spa GFCI can prevent electrocution by detecting any leakage current would not otherwise trip a normal circuit breaker. This is achieved by measuring the difference between the current flowing out of the live conductor and the current returning through the neutral conductor.

This causes the device to very quickly open the circuit – usually between milliseconds – to interrupt power to the spa. GFCIs are absolutely necessary to protect both people and equipment. A GFCI can also provide overload and short circuit protection. If the GFCI is installed directly into the house main electrical panel, then a separate breaker is not required. If the GFCI is installed in a subpanel, then typically a circuit breaker is also required and is installed in the house main panel to supply power to the GFCI.

It is strongly recommended to test a GFCI regularly by pressing the test button on the device. These cords are simply plugged into a dedicated 20 Amp outlet.

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By law and for your saftey, all electrical connections must be protected by a Ground Fault Circuit Interupter. Incase of accidental current leakage the GFI will trip ensuring you and your families protection. This unit is weather proof and can be installed outdoors. By law in most states a hot tub needs to have a emergency shut off located within feet of the hot tub. By using a junction box with the GFI included serves as a quick shut off to the pool or hot tub.

Nov 10,  · Fred, Your tub and the GFCI will work fine. It sounds as though you still have the owner’s manual or something of that sort. If the instructions provided there are followed, it will work just fine.

Because of the potential dangers involved with wiring a hot tub, most homeowners are uncomfortable attempting such a project on their own. Our expert residential electricians have been providing hot tub installations for decades throughout the Missoula, Bozeman, Great Falls, Fort Benton, and Hamilton areas. We have the knowledge and experience to safely and quickly wire your hot tub so that they work properly and provide you with lasting enjoyment of your hot tub.

If you are considering installing your own spa or hot tub, on the other hand, you will want to carefully consider the following factors before you start the project. An electrical installation that is reasonably close to the main panel would require less wire, conduit and labor than an installation going to a panel that is on the other side of your home and thus cost less. You should measure this distance from the top basin edge to the nearest surface of electrical or communications cabling.

Be sure to avoid placing your spa or hot tub under power lines! Correct placement of your hot tub is essential to avoiding accidents and enjoying your tub for years to come. Missoula Hot Tub Wiring Installation The first thing you should check after you have decided to wire your own installation is that you have enough space and electrical power in your main panel to support the additional electrical demand that your spa or hot tub will create.

It is typically not an issue, but verifying that you have enough space and power for your hot tub circuit breaker will eliminate any surprises to your electrical installation cost.

How to Wire a GFCI Breaker for a Hot Tub

Video of the Day Step 1 Lay out your proposed installation on graph paper. Present this drawing along with a detailed material list to the AHJ when applying for your wiring permit. Wait for the permit to arrive and then post it as instructed. Battery powered drill-driver Step 2 Route the cable from the service panel to the spa’s electrical connection box.

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Unfortunately, many homeowners make the mistake of trying to hook up a newly purchased hot tub on their own. Anytime water and electricity are involved, especially when family members and friends will be submerged in the water, safety should be afforded a high priority. Needless to say, mixing water and electricity could result in a severe electrical shock or even death.

Hiring Eveready Electric to wire a new hot tub, will give you peace of mind at a reasonable price. Just knowing that no one is in danger of being electrocuted is invaluable. Ensuring that a hot tub or spa is hooked up properly is also a good way of protecting a major financial investment. Eveready Electric can be counted on to put safety first.

Here are several reasons to hire Eveready Electric to do the job right: A hot tub wiring job should meet the highest safety standards while avoiding the use of faulty wiring and parts. Eveready Electric will insist on using the proper wiring, disconnects, outlets, breakers and conduit. Knowledge and Experience — Eveready Electric has vast experience wiring hot tubs, swimming pools and other outdoor equipment. Nothing can compare to professional training, on-the-job experience and a long list of satisfied customers.

Professional efficiency and cost effectiveness — Eveready Electric is accustomed to installing hot tubs, spas and whirlpools in a timely manner.

Pros and Cons of v Plug and Play Hot Tubs

How much does it cost to install a hot tub? The health benefits of a hot tub are many, and millions of homeowners opt to install one in a convenient backyard location for use on a year round basis. They are not, however, available in only a few limited number of designs, and for the purpose of this discussion we will consider the costs associated with the installation of a “mid-range” hot tub designed to accommodate three to four persons.

The way to have v hot tub electrical installed is to contact your local electrician. Following is information to understand the process but under no circumstances is intended to be a how-to for non-electricians as working on any electrical appliance including hot tubs can be extremely dangerous if proper procedure and precautions are not taken.

Thanks for your electrical wiring question Kevin. Wiring a Hot Tub. Intermediate to Advanced — Best performed by a licensed electrician. Depends on personal level experience, ability to work with tools and install the hot tub wiring. Installing hot tub circuit wiring should be done with a permit and be inspected. The hot tub or spa may have built in safety features that will not allow functions to work unless a series of test have been performed by the internal control unit.

Cost to install a hot tub

Hot tub electrical installation hookup gfci Allow a couple of feet of slack to avoid short or stretched wire. The ground wires need to be properly hooked up to the grounding bus bar. Not all spas operate on 4-wires, and many older spas only had 3 wire service.

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We will send a 2 man delivery crew with all terrain dollies. We will need a clear path to role your spa into your yard. Walk the path the spa will travel and measure all gates, and overhead clearances. Our normal delivery will not include making access or going up or down stairs. We can move your spa flat like it normally would sit or on its side like an upright piano or a combination of both methods B. We will need overhead clearance of 8″ taller than the width of your spa.

This is to accommodate our dolly. Our delivery crews are not electricians and will not bring any electrical parts with them. They will connect your wires to the spa if the proper pigtail and all hookup parts are provided. They will not hookup to anything that appears to be unsafe or not to code.

Hot Springs Relay Hot Tub Electrical Wire Hookup